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I was raised by two curiously-minded architects, and I adopted from an early age their habit of observing how and why a structure works. This inquisitive nature and deep-rooted interest for architecture and design has followed me throughout my life which ignites my creative spark on a daily basis, as well as travel, nature, and sculpture. 


Starting at age 10, I began to fill notebooks endlessly with sketches of my designs. I spent my free time creating apparel, handbags and beaded jewelry for myself and my dolls. At Syracuse University, I majored in apparel design and minored in retail management with a concentration in jewelry and metalsmithing. During one of my metalsmithing classes that I learned the design mantra that I have followed ever since: the entirety of a piece should be designed thoughtfully. It’s a simple concept but it has stuck with me because of the emphasis of design with intent and care. 


Following my studies, I worked designing handbags for several years, before taking a leap of faith and beginning my new adventure, enrolling in specialized jewelry workshops. This re-introduction to working with metal, gemstones and wax propelled my hobby to passion and fixation. I simultaneously worked for several New York City based jewelry designers, where I strengthened my skills in wax carving, soldering along with the art of small business. After a few years of this hands on apprenticeship, I decided to expand on my own hobby of making custom jewelry to establish my own collection to share with the world. 


Today, I make and assemble my jewelry by hand in my Brooklyn studio space with traditional jewelry techniques and the art of lost-wax casting. I am conveniently located near the heart of the jewelry district in New York City, allowing me the opportunity to work with industry experts and family run businesses. I follow environmentally friendly studio standards, working with recycled and nickel free metals.