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Ridge Collection

There are distinctive textures, hidden in everyday places. I was reminded of this when removing the seed of an avocado and was charmed by the peel's surface. Nature has done the hard work of creating a unique texture and I captured it in metal to be worn and appreciated in the Ridge Collection.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection consists of jewelry staples that are made to be worn everyday. 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Renew Collection

The Renew Collection is inspired by recycling and repurposing materials. These jewelry pieces are crafted from metal and wire destined for the refiner that I was determined to give another life.

Coming Soon!

One of a Kind Collection

This collection of handmade and one of a kind items is always changing and evolving. Each piece is made with stones that are difficult to find multiple of, and of items that I believe should stand alone.

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