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General Care

How should I store my jewelry?

Due to the nature of these materials, the brass and sterling silver can tarnish over time. Store your jewelry in a safe, cool, dry, and shaded space.

What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

To remove skin oils, dirt, and other surface residues that stick to your jewelry; I recommend using a soft cloth or soft bristled brush, dipped in warm unscented, clear dish soap water and gently scrubbing the metal. A polishing cloth can be used sparingly. Please avoid commercial jewelry cleaning solutions that can be harsh on matte surface or stone jewelry.

Please remove jewelry when exercising and swimming, do not wear jewelry where chemicals are present, such as a pools. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or high heat for opals, as this can change the color of the stone.


Returns & Repairs

What is the return and exchange policy?

All items qualify for return unless the piece is a custom or it is noted in the product description within 14 days of shipment. Please return jewelry in original and unworn condition with all original packaging.

Where do you ship?

Everywhere! All items are shipped via USPS domestically and internationally. If you would like to ship via UPS please send an email.

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