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Silver Lining

I luckily have a sewing machine and some extra fabric to make masks for friends and family. (I have been holding on to this fabric since college - I knew I would need it one day!)

After watching several videos online, I finally found one that I liked.The best part of these masks is that they have a pocket that you can add a coffee filter to AND they can be sanitized after each use by boiling them in water for 10 minutes. Easy enough.

I made two prototypes before I found the right size and shape to would fit my face and my partner's beard. I'm glad that I made several versions because I learned that using the wire from a coffee bag is THE best material for the adjustable nose piece. (I will be hanging onto these wires for future projects!)

In my efforts to stay inside, I have found I am looking more to everyday materials to recycle and repurpose. This mask project has been a great exercise in this way of creative thinking.

Each day I am reminded of the silver lining to this monumental pandemic - community and kindness, being some of the most important. I hope that we can all remember the sacrifices that people are making to keep us safe and our world working.


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